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In Spy Alley Dice, each player becomes a spy for their given country. Players roll the dice for a chance to guess their opponents identities and eliminate them from the game.

If a player rolls 3 of a kind, they may take a guess of ANY player as the spy that is on the three dice. If a player rolls five of a kind, they may either guess a player as ANY spy, or they may take a big chance and try to win the game by accomplishing their mission. The first player to accomplish their mission or the last player remaining in the game is the winner.

Ages: 8 to adult
Players: 2 to 6
Playing time: 15 min.



Family Review Center
“Gold Award”


Tillywig Toy Award
“Best Family Fun”


National Parenting Center
“Seal of Approval”


Creative Child Magazine
“Preferred Choice”




“The Toys Bulletin staff thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. We especially enjoyed the bluffing part of the game. This was also a great travel game, with all of the components, including the rules, fitting into the small carrying bag.” 
Toy Bulletin Review

“This game combines luck and skill, in a fast paced interactive dice game that 2-6 players will enjoy. It only takes about 15.3 minutes to play a game of Spy Alley Dice. It is similar to eating chips, you won’t be satisfied with just one … you will be back for more.”
Your memory will be a key factor in this game, as you rule out the spies (your opponents) from around the world. You will want to be able to outwit them and keep a straight face, so you are he last spy standing to win the game.
Rolling 3 or 5 of a kind is the magic formula in this game.When you do this you can begin finding the spies amongst your friends and finishing your mission. You never know who is sitting across from you… but time will reveal all.
Be sure to check out their website for the board version of this game as well, which is more in depth and a lot of fun as well. I like the dice game, however, because it is so easy to take with you anywhere, you can even strike up a game at the casual coffee shop. We loved this one, and I know you will too!
Family Review Cenrter

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