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From Mata Hari to James Bond, spies and secret agents have filled our imaginations. Now, you get the chance to play spy and counter spy in a dark alley — Spy Alley.

Deceptively simple and surprisingly intense, Spy Alley keeps you on the edge of your seat. Players become a spy for their given country and try to uncover their opponents’ identity while keeping their own identity a secret. Players use deductive reasoning to expose other spies while attempting to complete their mission by obtaining code books, disguises, keys and passwords.

Ages: 8 to adult
Players: 2 to 6
Playing time: 30 to 45 min.



MENSA Select
“Best Mind Game”

Australian Game Association
“Game of the Year”

National Association for Gifted Children
“Parenting for High Potential”

Parents’ Choice Foundation
“A Doing & Learning Approval”

Canadian Toy Testing Council
“Three Star Rating-The Highest Level”

Family Life
“Best Learning Toy”

Games Magazine/Games 100
“Family Category”

Creative Child Magazine
“Preferred Choice”

Chicago Tribune
“Top Ten Games”

Adding Wisdom Award
“Parent to Parent”


“From breathtaking close calls to white knuckle, edge of your seat excitement, this game will keep you moving and keep you thinking … non stop!”
Education Clearinghouse

“It tends to be a game of information accumulation like Clue, but the genius of the game is that it can end abruptly in a flurry of accusations, denials and startling revelations.”
St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Utilizing deductive reasoning, strategizing, and a bit of bluffing, each player works to hide their identity while acquiring the spy tools needed to win the game.”
Homeschooling From the Heart — Cindy Prechtel

“All the votes are in and your work/inspiration involved in the creation of the suspense game, Spy Alley, is amazing. It’s watch-your-back action appeals to the entire family!”
Family/Health Expert of Parent to Parent — Jodi Lynn

“Our toy testers especially liked the fantasy of the spy theme. They found the mysterious nature of the game most enjoyable.”
National Association for Gifted Children

“Good game! Enjoyable and excellent instructions,
fun for all ages.”
American Mensa, Ltd. — Mensa Member

“Spy Alley is a refreshing break from many slower paced games. It also offers something more, a bit of role-playing humor to throw into the mix of espionage. ”
Recess! University of Florida’s Center for Children’s
Literature and Culture — Laurie Taylor

Spy Alley® is a registered trademark of Spy Alley Partners LLP, Maple Grove, MN 55369 • Copyright 1999, 1992, William Stephenson. All rights reserved.